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Hi we are Bob and Carol Whitcomb of Award Art Kennels in the beautiful western foot hills of West Virginia.
Let Me tell you about how we came to run a family operated kennel.
before we ever met myself and Bob both had a love for dogs well all animals are dogs are part of our family. We were both breeders and didnt know about each other we have been breeders for more than 40 years.
Bob loved and breed large dogs and my passion and love was the smaller breeds.
Now for when I met Bob I wanted to be sure my dog loved him so I gave him the dog test at the time I had a very loving Maltese named Chipper if chipper did like Bob I knew this would nerver work out but no worry Chipper loved Bob as Bob loved Chipper was on Bob's lap the whole evening. We have been married 28 years Chipper knew what he was doing a very Smart dog.
Out of all the breeds Bob had bred our Old English Sheep Dog, captured his heart so sice we have been married we have both small and large dogs..
The old English is the only large breed we breed Yorshire Terriers and Papillons but I love many small Breeds of dogs.
we breed our dogs for quality this is very important to know when getting a new puppy we are very particular that our pups go to homes that love them as much as we do our pups are cheked by the vet and are have a bill of good health,,
Thank you for taking time to look and check back as we get more pups we will post them
Bob and Carol

Our two little boy Boston Terriers.

Two of our girl Boston terriers

Our little lady
And this is our Boston Terriers


Right now we have Our Boston Terrier
Truly an "All-American" dog, the Boston Terrier is a lively and highly intelligent breed with an excellent disposition. Conveying an impression of determination, strength and activity, he is short-headed and compactly built, and must be black, brindle or seal with white markings
A Look Back
Following the Civil War, the Boston Terrier breed was developed in the stables of Boston, Massachusetts. An imported dog known as "Hooper's Judge" (sold to a Boston man in 1870) became the ancestor of almost all true modern Boston Terriers.

The breed is an American creation, resulting from a cross between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier. In 1891, the breed became known as Boston Terriers, taking the name of the city where they originated.
Right Breed for You?
The Boston has been nicknamed "the American Gentleman" because of his dapper appearance, characteristically gentle disposition and suitability as companion and house pet. They require only a moderate amount of exercise and a minimum amount of grooming. The breed is easy to train and they are easy keepers, preferring to remain by their owner's sides.

If you are considering purchasing a Boston Terrier puppy, learn more here.

Non-Sporting Group; AKC recognized in 1893.
Weight is divided by classes as follows: Under 15 pounds; 15 pounds and under 20 pounds; 20 pounds and not to exceed 25 pounds.


Hours: open anytime call leave a message at 304 477 3210 we will call you back